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The project Immunity Boosting Cocktails was created with a great passion. It is the first e-book with previously unpublished recipes of our series. We give you immunity-boosting cocktails, easy to prepare, tasty, and healthy vitamin bombs. We hope you try them all and your favorites will find a permanent place in your daily menu. Smoothies are quickly absorbable source vitamins and energy that can easily replace any meal. We ha have composed each recipe ourselves, with great care for the taste and presence of superfood ingredients. Healthy habits, physical activity, and a balanced diet are important factors that have a positive impact on the quality of life and our vitality. Therefore, we encourage you to expand your nutrition knowledge and everyday menu. In our e-book you will find recipes including ingredients such as chia seeds, beetroot, chlo chlorella, nettle, turmeric, mango, ginger, and many others. Each of our recipes includes preparation, styling, and tasting for great fun in the kitchen with coming. Enjoy your meal

11 stycznia 2022

Immunity Boosting Cocktails